Project Title:

cINnAMON – A Non-Intrusive Home Surveillance System for Assisting Elderly Persons with Frailty Risk (UEFISCDI EUREKA Traditional PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2019-0202 contract number 189/01.10.2020)

Project coordinator:


Project manager:

Iuliana Marin

Total Budget Project:

2,818,695.00 RON/
Public Budget : 1,500,000.00 RON

Project implementation duration:

36 months

Financed by

logo-uefiscdiUEFISCDI – Innovation Programme – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogramme



The cINnAMON project aims to develop a non-intrusive, affordable home surveillance system to be used primarily for assisting elderly persons with frailty risk. The project`s output is a highly configurable surveillance framework that can be customized depending on the intended use case precision requirements. To prevent and assist in the treatment of frailty, the system will be able to detect the onset of frailty by monitoring behavioral changes and then provide tele-monitoring and notifications for relatives and medical personnel.

The framework consists of a network of wireless, energy-efficient indoor smart nodes used for indoor positioning and ambient monitoring, video monitoring, smart bracelets which are worn by monitored users and a smartphone application for configuration and interaction. Depending on the required precision and the number of installed nodes the system can perform indoor positioning at building/room level. The system can be expanded to be used for outdoor monitoring as well, coupled with a secure, smartphone application. Behavior patterns are inferred from analyzing indoor positioning logs and from video footage for postural changes.

For better profiling and health assessment, the provided smartphone application presents frailty-oriented queries to the user. Indoor positioning is achieved by capturing wireless signal emitted by a smart bracelet by smart wireless nodes and then performing an error-correcting trilateration algorithm. The nodes are fitted with ambient sensors to detect unusual, life-threatening situations (gas, abnormal temperatures, opened doors). In such cases, the system sends notifications to registered careers. The system with small-sized smart nodes uses low-energy protocols, such as Bluetooth Low Energy.


cINnAMON is ongoing